Best 1TB drive?

I'm stuck between 3 1TB drives, the Western Digital RE3, the Western Digital Caviar Black, and the Samsung Spinpoint F1. I can't really find out which is the fastest, I've found reviews that compare them, but they always have different results so I don't know who to trust.

I'd go for samsung. I've read comparisons and reviews. They have like, 1 less platter, and are apparently much faster. And then there was some other BS I read about it taking less electricity, but who cares about that?

what he said^ the samsung f1 spinpoints i heard are the best

lol i agree, who cares about using less energy

Yeah, who cares? Energy is like, totally going to last forever, anyway. HARHARHAR

Yeah, but the Samsung is really awesome. I'm rocking two of them as external drives, haven't had a single problem yet.

i have the samsung spinpoint f1 1TB hard drive :D

its great

im going to go buy one i wasn't able to sleep at all last night my HDD was making this loud screeching noise

it feels like its going to fail on me soon

I got the Samsung a couple months ago, so far so good.

I live and die with the Western Digitals.

I fifth what everyones been saying, I have heard the F1's are amazing.

I fifth what everyones been saying, I have heard the F1's are amazing.

Totally Agreed .Didnt Thomas' Samsung HDD just die.Â

I believe it was a Samsung.. Though I don't know if it was a spinpoint. Those are supposed to be good.

The luck of the Norwegians? And it was a Samsung. Hurts deeply.

I have had the Caviar Black for 6 months now and no problems.

my hitachi drives work like magic... I have heard that the samsung drives are also nice...

your new hardrive

I have a 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda that's been pretty good for me.

I heard the Seagate 7200.12 drives were mad fast.. near velociraptor, or maybe it was the Samsung F1.. it's made of 2 500gb platters so it's pretty speedy, and I think it's running you a hundred on newegg?