Best 1866 Ram

Ok so I built my computer a few days ago using one 4GB stick of crucial ballistix gaming ram. I only bought 4GB because I thought I would just buy another stick later. That day has come, so I went back to newegg to grab another stick only problem is that somehow it is now discontinued. So I need some good ram to be paired with my a8-5600k 



Link the exact ram, you want to buy ram with exact same speed and timings perferably.

I have one 4GB stick of this in my machine now and I wanted to get another stick of this but as you can see it is discontinued... So looks like I will have to switch

Is this what you need?

As Pip said, you want ram that has the exact same speed and timings, or youre going to end up with either having compatibility issues or your system is automatically going to set whichever ram has better speeds/timings to the speed and timing of the lesser quality ram.

I have G.Skill Ares 8gb 1866 CL9 and i absolutely love it. Got it on sale. From what i hear, this stuff can run at 1600 cl7, but i havent tried much tweaking yet.