Best 1440p GPU

Hey i was wondering which you guys think is best for 1440p gaming.

evga acx gtx 770 2gb


asus r9 280x 3gb


also does anyone know how the r9 280x performs in dayz/arma 2.

They are the same.


Asus R9 280X would probably be better due to having more VRAM to push around those pixels.

I have a 2GB 770 and it is totally fine for 1440p gaming. I can max out all games I play as long as I don't go too crazy on the AA. But from what I heard the R9 cards are usually better at higher resolutions, just go through a lot of benchmarks in 1440p on the games you want to play and compare them, there are literally hundreds of them out there. And the 3 GB of the 280x might come in handy later, who knows?

Assuming comparable price the 280x, because A more vram and 2, a wider memory buss. While a 770 is nothing to scoff at, those two things will help the 280x at 1440p.

I would say go with a 280X for the same reasons the others have stated and if you can find one at regular price, otherwise a 770 should be fine. Look for some in-game performance results and finding benchmarks shouldn't be a problem since there are plenty.

I should note that I just got my new 1440p monitor yesterday and only used it briefly to check out the quality and make sure it is working. Also I have a Asus R9 280X DCUII Top (stock clocks atm), the rest of my specs are in my profile.

In my heavily modded (190+ mods including many re/textures, currently no ENB) Skyrim I was still getting a constant 60fps in interiors and the usual fps dips (mid 50's) in exteriors, I really need to organize my mods lol.

I ran the Metro: LL benchmark at 1440p and had a average framerate of 38.40, max framerate of 82.09, and minimum framerate of 15.22.

Also played a few other less demanding games that my setup was still able to max out easily at the higher res.

That is as much personal experience I have with 1440p with my current setup atm.