Best 1440p 144hz Display?

Currently I have a 1440p 144hz TN display (BenQ XL2740), but I think I want to upgrade to IPS or something better color wise.

Probably could go 4k 144hz, but I have a L1T dual monitor KVM I’d like to continue to use for vfio. The KVM doesn’t have enough bandwidth. Not sure if L1T has a dual monitor DP 1.4 version in the works.

What would you recommend?

Going to and filter some criteria you want.
Personally I’m very happy with the Gigabyte AD27QD and FI27Q, which are more or less the same monitor with some tweaks.
Some people report poor black uniformity but honestly unless you’re looking at black all day you won’t notice it anyway.

Absolutely the LG 27GL850.

You will need an ICC profile to clamp the gamut, but if you like the look of stretching sRGB to wide gamut, it is an excellent monitor.

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Color calibration is no problem as I have a Datacolor Spyder5PRO kicking around somewhere.

The LG definitely seems to be a top contender.

Does anyone know of anything coming in 2020 that I might want to hold out for?

Do we know if @wendell is working on a DP 1.4 version of the KVM switches?

Though, it might be a bit early to go 4k 144hz…

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