Best 120mm radiator fan

what is the best quiet 120mm radiator fan for under $10? Im going for as quiet as possible and I want blue leds if possible. Ive heard yate loons but idk which ones. A link would be much apreciated. Thanks

Under $10? That is pushing it - personally, I find LED fans to be horrendous. I would much rather use some Noctua NF F12s (I would dye them black) than use some noisier fans. Good fans are an investment - you might want to look into the 2 packs of Corsair SP 120mm fans. They are about $11.75 each (~$23.99 for the 2 pack) but are around $16 sold individually. Cougar makes some decent cheap fans, though. Look for something with high static pressure, low dB (decibels - noise), and high CFM (cubic feer per minute of air). The name brands are Corsair (The SP and AF Quite series) and Noctua (specifically the NF F12). Noctuas are really ugly, but are worth it. Corsairs are a tiny bit louder, but look fantastic. By far, though, the Noctua Nf F12s are the best fans on the market. The only problem is the price; I would go for the 2 packs of the Corsair SP 120mm fans. Cheers!


Brennan Riddell

I guess it depens on how strict that budget is. I'd say this Rosewill fan would be the best balance considering the speed can be adjust, but if you have a strict budget, then the Thermaltake AF series would be a good bet, although it is audiable at 32dB.

The three best without getting fans that are crazy loud are going to be these and in this order:

Noctua NF-F12

Corsair SP120 Performance Edition

Scythe Gentle Typhoon 1850 RPM

I've heard that Enermax Magma fans are supposed to be pretty good radiator fans as well.

going to go with the corsair sp120s. thanks guys. I would get ap-15s but they are a little to expensive for my liking

Just keep in mind that the SP120 Performance Editions are a little loud. They're not like Scythe Ultra Kazes or anything, but they do create some noise. If you're getting the Quiet Editions, just keep in mind that they only have about a third of the static pressure of the performance editions.

ya I saw that. how loud are they? like louder than my annoying xspc ones that came with the raystorm kit?


It depends on which fans came with your kit, but I looked them all up on XSPC's website. According to their specs, all of their fans should be either quieter or just as loud as the SP120 Performance Editions, so the Noctua NF-F12's or Gentle Typhoons are going to be your best bet if you don't want to deal with the noise.

Which case do you have all of this set up in anyway, and where is the radiator mounted?

ah ill just go with ap-15s just going to have to wait a bit longer


Yeah, the AP-15s should be quieter than the ones you have unless XSPC gave you their low RPM model.

SP120 has good thermal performance, isn't too loud, and looks alright. I use them on my radiator and say they would be a good choice.

i cant stand any noise at all or at least just a tiny bit of noise will b ok. I have the annoying xspc pump that came with it to that is as loud as my damn lawn mower. just kidding but its pretty loud, the loudest thing in my system

So I ended up ordering a new pump and res: a swiftec mpc35b (I think) and an ek 110 res instead of fans