Best 120mm Fans for a Corsair H100i?

I had to send out my H100i recently so that I could get it repaired, and I thought I would replace the corsair fans while I was waiting anyways.  I'm trying to decide between the Noctua NF-F12 PWM fans or the Scythe Gentle Typhoon fans that get up to 1850 rpm.  I had been leaning towards the Gentle Typhoons.  I want a fan that I can overclock with, provide the best performance but also remain quiet.  They are both in the same price range.  Which one should I choose and why? And any great deals on either? Thanks everyone!

I'd go with either the Noctua NF F12 or a Cougar CF V12H because they are supposed to be nice high pressure radiator optimized fans.

Or of course the Corsair SP 120's

I personally have never had this problem but i heard that if you use a fan with a fluid dynamic bearing as a top exhaust it will pull on the bearing and ruin the fan thou,...... 

Well, between those 3 how would you rank each of them?

based purely on performance (not looks or price) I would rate them Noctua as first, then corsiar in second and the cougar in a close third * i will note that the corsair has 4 eggs on newegg and the cougar has 5 thou

I am thinking of doing this as well! If you do please report back with what you went with and temp numbers! XD

I have my Corsair Case tricked out with the Noctua's! My Asus Motherboard has Fan Xpert so I can control them and my build is silent but deadly. Would recommend them highly! :D