Best 1200$ PC help?

ok so i have 1200$ and i want a 200$ water cooling kit with the nzxt switch 810 black (169.99$)

so basically a 1000$ system with a 170$ case

ill be using sony vegas and rendering vids and playing games on 1 monitor (games : dead space 3 , gta 4 , minecraft , diablo 3 , and skyrim)

and could you guys leave a link to a water cooling kit.


I suggest you go with AMD parts, is this a problem?


If not, i will go on to build you a rig.

Here is my AMD build based on price/ performance, and also remembering what tasks you have in mind..

Intel build.

Watercooling: how bout this??

Seems good :)

I forgot to remove the cooler in my parts list :P

should i get a cheaper 7950 and get better fans for the raid?



You could go cheaper with the GPU, remember you have a $20 off rebate with the one i chose you, and you also get 2 free games, which all AMD GPu's should come with..

Yes, i suggest you get these fans, if you want best air pressure:


Not cheap but are well worth it if you can push your budget a little more, if not, these will do well too: