Best 120 Gig SSD?

Payday tomorrow and I am looking for a SSD, have found one but i wonder if there is something you guys recomend.


I recommend a Samsung 830 series, or a Kingston HyperX k3.

Kingston HyperX 3k (as mentioned above), Samsung 840/ 840 pro, OCZ Vertex 4, Plextor M5 Pro series, Crucial M4 are all pretty good. To be honest, you're not really going to notice much of a speed difference between a lot of the ones i listed, so whichever is cheapest i guess

Overall performance, Samsung 840 Pro is the best.

For price/performance/GB, the Adata XPG SX900 is the best right now.  It actually has 128GB of storage, and it's on sale at Newegg right now for $115!

Thanks a bunch guys! I ordered the Kingston HyperX 3K 120Gig SSD
The tek community surely is a great community!

judging by the rma bin. grab an intel, samsung, crucial, kinston, sandisk, avoid ocz until they get a qc department. too many ocz paper weights.