Best 120/140mm Case Fans?

Planning on getting new PC soon, and wondering which case fans I should get. 

Here's the current build:

It has a max budget of $550...

I'd like it to be whisper quiet, anything under 40Db.

There's a lot of space between whisper quiet and 40dB. Look into Cougar Vortexes; fantastic fans for SP, CFM, and price to performance, both in 120mm and 140mm variants.

Bitfenix's Spectre Pro PWM's are extremely good. On paper at least.


Some of the worst fans ever made; on paper, sure, they look great, but they are rubbish in reality, and far from "rated" specs.


Thanks for replying so early. I already had this bias in my mind that Cougar products are terrible, the cases at least.

Does this look good to you?

If you don't want to OC your CPU, it's great.