Best 1080p Monitors

What are some of the best 1080p monitors out there?
 Do any of them match up to the quality of iMac displays?
 Is 1080p low-res for this day and age?
 If so, what are the most affordable higher-res options, and what PC components will be required to display at that resolution? Please, discuss.

If you are looking for a really crisp image out of a 1080p monitor I would recommend you get a 21.5in IPS such as the Dell 2240L.  Anything equal to or more then a GTX 750ti or 260x will be fine for 1080p.

the answer for you really depends on the use you will use for your monitor, i primarily use mine for fps gaming 

so depending on what you are going to use it for you can get a better answer



1080p is good for 120hz, the IPS monitors are getting down in price, so when we get a 120hz IPS 1080p 21.5" panel we should be all set for best, currently its more about what you want, better color, or faster refresh rate, but the new VESA standard might make 120hz null and void.

For the last purchase I went to the store and looked at all displayed monitors. In most stores they will have them display same demo video and you can compare image quality. Look also through phone camera to see how good is the PWM of the backlight.
I am not a gamer so I am fine with 60hz and any response time but I have to have IPS panel. With new contact lenses looking at 1080p on 22" I see wave like dot pattern moire effect and I find it annoying so I would go for higher dpi. Once you get used to more than 1080p it will look too crammed. I would still advise against 4k, especially cheap ones, as most programs still scale badly as I wrote on some other thread.