Best $100 MoBo

I have about $100 USD to spend so I thought My PC might be due for a MoBo upgrade.

Things I Need:

AM3+ Socket

Crossfire Support

Overclocking Support


The main reason that I want to upgrade is that I'm going to start saving up for an 8350 and I want a high quality MoBo to accompany that.  In the future I might pick up another 270x so Crossfire support would be great.

Current CPU:

AMD FX 6100

Current MoBo:





Well you are going to want the 990FX chip set for Crossfire and a good power design if you want to do overclocking. 

Really, at $100 that isn't possible. Spend a little more, around say $140, and grab the Asus M5A99FX Pro R 2.0.