Best <$100 headset?

Looking to finally give back my girlfriend's headset (which I've been borrowing since my last Steelseries headset broke in half for no reason.) It has an okay microphone, but the audio quality sucks, and it hurts to wear thanks to my glasses and giant skull.

I've been soured to the quality (build/sound-wise) of Logitech/Steelseries/etc. headsets that're pretty much saturating the market, but I don't have the cash to drop on something nice like a Sennheiser.

So what is there within my budget that's:

-Over the ear

-Has decent, non-muddy sound

-Includes a decent microphone

-Won't fall apart if I breathe on it too hard

Straight up, Steel Series Siberia V2. 

The mic is very very good for the money, it is retractable ( you now wont breathe on it ) and is good enough quality to do communterys on youtube.

Bass is great ( for the moeny)

Very comfortable I never get tired of it resting on my head for several long hours.

Comes in many different colours.

Don't buy a razer carcharias, I bought it but returned it instantly. Bad sound quality, zooming background noise, not sturdy and incredibly long cable! Last one is a pro or con depending on your needs.

This has put me off to ever buy a headset again. I would get a decent mic on top of quality headphones.  

So far I head really good experiance on the rosewill RHTS-8206 Gaming Headphones. Here is a video review I did with them: