Best $100 gaming headset vs astro a50's

im looking for a new gaming headset. the other option is getting some gen1 astro a50's that my friend is selling for 110$. the plus side to the astros is that they are wireless and would work with my ps4. (two features i would really like to have.)

If you don't mind having headphones with wires you could buy the Superlux HD 668B headphones and do a couple mods to them, or keep them stock.
They sound great in my opinion, sound even better when you cover the vents with some cotton and felt then proceed to shove a spacer under the pads (more ear room) and put a sock over the pads (to reduce heat/ make more comfortable).
Only advice I have otherwise is to stay away from Creative brand headphones, the set that I had really sucked. cant remember why I didn't like them but I remember not liking them.
The Superlux are usually <$40 USD
PS4 should have an audio jack right?

yes it does

Alright, then they should work. Might not be what you want but I figure if you go for them you have an extra ~$60 to spend on something else. Could buy a mic with that extra. I have the Samson Go mic, it is a nice mic but it is mainly used on desks.

i was looking at a mod mic 4.0. would there be a place to stick the mic on the headphones?

Yup, ill post a picture of them. In fact, Logan did a video where he stuck the mod mic onto the superlux. I could dig that out for you as well.

was it one of the headphone replacement guides? if so i think ive seen it.

Not sure, haven't seen it for a year or two.
Here they are, with sock and without.

Logan put the mod mic over the logo on the other side of them

Here is the video

yeah it looks like i could just stick it on the side

Yup, It has been done before. If you want to mod them I could make a guide or find the guide I used. I modded them to give it a bit of a bass boost but keep the overall quality of the sound the same (you might find that the songs you listen to have instruments you have not heard in them before.)
Here is the guide, it has been translated from German(?) so its a little rough. I can try to answer any questions you have.

okay. thanks!

Sure thing! If you have any questions shoot me an email at [email protected] as I usually don't check this site very much.

On a related note, I work at ModMic, so you can always drop me a line directly or hit our customer support with questions. We'll actually answer :) Either way, thanks for the kind words everyone :D