Best £100> DAC?

Hi I am planning on upgrading my audio set-up (headset and mic). As it stands I am leaning towards getting a 'Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO' based on recommendations and reviews.

Does anyone know a good Amp Dac to go with it. I don't really know anything about sound technology.

I have no real preferences other than I want it to last and I do a bit of everything (media, gaming etc).


I currently use a FiiO E10 with my DT880 Pros and its wonderful.  Those are relatively cheap.

Does the lack of an optical audio port make any difference to quality?


No. An optical audio out means that the DAC on the device is literally being skipped over and all audio processing is being handed off to whatever is on the other end of that optical cable, such as an audio receiver.  Tell me if I explained that poorly.

No that's fine. Thanks for your help :)