Best 100$ Case?

Read This be4 you post.



Looking for a 100$ case that looks cool with a side window and good cable management..

Well, the Fractal Design Define R4 w/ window is just a tad bit over, but in my opinion, it is much nicer than most cases out there. I have the Fractal Design Define XL USB 3.0 and the build quality and cable management are great. The R4 improves on the design of the R2 and R3 (the basis of the XL) with expanded cooling and customization. They look damn sexy, are priced reasonably, and have superb build quality. Also, they come in several different colors (white, black, and black with a metal door). HERE

Id Definitley follow what brennan is saying, i have an R4 and its amazing, for the price not many other cases really are such a well rounded package.

for a bit cheaper you can also get the R4 without the window