BeQuiet! Pure Rock Slim vs Arctic Freezer 13

Guys I have the chance to buy either one at the same price for a 95W TDP AMD cpu. Which one should I pick?

Either is fine.

1 - BeQuiet
2 - Arctic
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Have you seen the new Arctic Freezer 34? Cause I love Arctic as a brand, but 13 isn’t really all that great.
All BeQuiet cooler have the same mounting system where the cooler mounts horizontal and blows the air up.

IDK what the pricing is, but maybe look at 120mm coolers since both of those are 92mm…

The Freezer 13 is fair and square in the “good enough”-tier.

And a 120mm cooler is definetly going to perform better, may not fit in the case.


I got the Freezer 13 for $15. Had a bit more cooling pipes than the BeQuiet!.
I think it was a good deal. Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:


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