Bent radiator fins on 8GB Vapor-X 290x

I have been assembling a PC at last. And yesterday (2015-03-02) I at last received the Sapphire Vapor-X card, which took 2 weeks to ship here.

But when I unpacked the card, I discovered that two of the radiator fins are bent.

What should I do?

  • return the card to be replaced
  • bend the fins back myself

... it's not like the card was cheap =(

Photo here:

I imagine that the performance degradation of two bent fins is minimal. I'd say bend them back - if you can't bend them back to your satisfaction, then go and replace the card.

I have a tri x that the end of the heat pipes and a few fins got bent on during shipping. Still runs like a champ.

At this stage you have the car out of the box. So plug it in stress it watch the temps and if all checks out sail on. if not RMA

@Zibob I'm still missing some important parts for the PC (like the PSU) and since I am migrating from latop to pc, I don't realy have a secondary rig to plug it in.

If you are still waiting on parts, depending on how long it will take to replace, I would send it back.

Yeah then RMA. Like @nugget9711 was saying if you are waiting around and have no way to test don't take the risk.

I was all right as I could test it out and see then and there.

man up and bend it back

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I'd definitely send it back if you're still waiting on other parts. No sense in holding off if it has any serious damage. Ultimately up to you!

Yeah, I guess I am sending it back. And already found a different e-shop, which can deliver the card till friday. And costs €40 less.

Strangely enough, there were only two suppliers in Latvia carrying that card 3 weeks ago. And now there are like 10 of them.

Kinda sounds like not your problem if it came that way. Get it returned and take a picture with the box and such
Sucks man...

I don't think it will have any impact on performance. You could bend it back yourself, which is pretty safe since you're just bending the heatsink. Otherwise I'd only return it if there was some sort of noise created because if the fins.

The only problem I see would be aesthetics, simply shove a flat head screwdriver in between the fins and gently bend them back

Seriously. Don't be a weenie.