BenQ. "XL2420T" -Vs- ASUS. "VG278H" 

Ok, so based on all the "data" provided with the above mentioned link, give me your opinion on what you think is best for Gaming. Don't consider price in your comment, I don't want to the price to influence your opinion. 

And keep in mind that if you were to get either of them, you will go for x3

BenQ has a better pixel density. 3x 27" would require SO much room. It might even be impractical. Other than that the differences are kinda minimal.

Personally I would buy neither; I'd get a Dell IPS instead. They might not match your personal requirements though.

About them being "impractical" (size wise) let's just assume I have a "big enough" (with extra space) desk. ^^

So your Answer for this would be the BenQ (Gun to the head choice between both)

Both have pros/cons that the other doesnt. Except price (yes i read the above haha)! Whats BenQ's warranty compared to ASUS? Might be a small thing i noticed, but it could come in handy, worse case scenario. Since ASUS has a great policy when doing warranty exchange (Rapid Replacement Advanced Swap Program) on their higher-end models. 2 way free shipping :D