BenQ XL2411Z Stuck Pixel? Help?

Just got a BenQ XL2411Z in the mail yesterday and couldn't be happier with the buttery smooth 144hz for Counter-Strike.

However, there is a pixel on the top-left of the screen that appears to be always green/blue and it's bugging the crap out of me. I tried running JScreenFix for 15 minutes to "unstuck" the stuck pixel, but nothing.

Any help or should I just exchange it for a new one?

If its just 1 - 5 pixels they will not let you exchange. Try screen fix overnight. If that doesnt work try a very warm, but not too hot face washer with gentle circular motion and moderate pressure. You are probably stuck with it though.

Run it for a full hour. And if that doesn't do it then you have to check if a dead pixel is even cause for a RMA. And if it is you have to ask yourself if it's worth the hassle.

Worst case just be really exact with a knife, cut a tiny hole in a piece of paper just large enough for it, then just go over it exactly with a sharpie or something, least then it'll be black

Darn... yeah I don't think I want to go through the hassle of RMAing a monitor. It's such a small pixel, but it's frustrating to see this from such a reputable and reliable company like BenQ.

Alright I'm gonna run the JScreenFix for about 3 more hours and get back to you guys. I don't know about using a sharpie though... that's a bit too much.

Just got done running JScreenFix for 1 hour. Still the same damn pixel. Are you sure I can't just do a free return through (Where I purchased it. They provide free returns there.) and then get a new one?

I'm gonna run it for 2 more hours.

I ended up RMAing it through They said one stuck pixel is enough for the RMA! Currently waiting on my replacement...