Benq xl2410t

Just curious what people think of this monitor, I found a guy selling one for $160. I've wanted to make the jump to 120hz for a while, however all that's available are 144hz and are full retail prices. I currently have a QNIX 1440p.

If anyone owns this monitor please share your thoughts on it.

I've gamed a little on that model a couple of times. 120Hz is great if you have the hardware to keep the games running around that rate. Make sure to keep your existing monitor for everything else that is not shooter games. TN is TN is crap image quality.

For story games I intend to just move the monitors around so I can use the 1440p IPS, dem colors yo. But it seems like a good price considering how much they were when they first came out. I'm gonna call the guy today and find out if it's broken eg dead pixels etc