BenQ vs Asus

As I want to play FPS games and also my budget is very tight (14000 INR).

So I did a research and monitors caught my attention and these are:



PLZ tell me which one will be good acc. to my need.

They are both good sometimes it is up to price and preference. Personally I would get the Asus but, you should definetely wait to get some other opinions.

I have an asus, I LOVE it.

Go for the ASUS as its IPS, or go get a GW series monitor from BenQ, i have one and AMVA is absolutely awesome.

Edit: nevermind dont go ASUS, was thinking of a different series from them.

I got this 24 inch VK series awhile ago. Picked it because my friend got the one you linked and it's a bit tall with a skinny base and arm so it would like to wobble. A plus to getting the VK was the built in web cam and built in speakers. Don't use the speakers, but it's nice to have the option. Just the monitor being lower to the desk with a more hefty base helps a lot. It's much more sturdy.

I believe what you mean is Asus VS248H-P and for some reason it still uses TN panel, so I totally vote for the BenQ because simply both monitors have similar image quality but the BenQ has better stand which enables you to adjust height and tilt. I have the Asus VS239H-P and it already uses IPS panel which provides better image quality than TN panel. I play FPS games a lot and I don't have any issues even though it has 5ms response time GTG, and for the price I can really recommend it as an all around IPS monitor.

I have a BenQ, not that model, but I still love it. I would maybe look into what's really important to you monitor wise. 2ms response times are all well and good, but not really that necessary, even for fps games. So maybe look into an IPS panel, doesn't hurt to look! Both of those monitors are great, so it pretty much comes down to which looks better aesthetically to you. Good luck!