Benq Screen Tearing


I bought the BenQ XL2411t a few weeks ago and let me start off by saying I love this monitor.

But there's just one little problem.. here the other day I played Super Hexagon (don't ask me why) and I just wanted to turn off v-sync.. and holy granoli! I got some horrible screen tearing. Althogh I've noticed it in other games. This was really bad.


But I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or if there was something wrong with the monitor.

It shouldn't be the monitor, that is a GPU or driver issue.

Erm, it isn't unusual to have screen tear if your GPU performance exceeds the refresh rate of your panel.

So, with a very low requirements game like Super Hexagon, your GPU will probably put out more FPS than your refresh rate. V sync is supposed to help with that.

Have you overclokced your GPU?

Well okay.. thanks then. So its just because my GPU is way too awesome for the game to even handle?  :-)

Well, I was running mount and blade with a GTX 780, and I had to set a limit for the FPS output of the card. Trying to get rid of screen tear.

I'm assuming that you have a 60Hz monitor? Otherwise, nothing I have said will make sense. In older games, you hit that 60 FPS (60Hz) limit, you will experience these things.

At the end of the day, your monitor isn't broken.