BenQ RL2455HM(60Hz) or BenQ XL2411Z(144Hz)

Till now I played competitively on a 720p 60Hz 5ms monitor and I guess it's time to upgrade!

So I wan't to buy an monitor, and those two are awesome.
2 Differences between those two that matter to me.
RL244HM = 60Hz / 195€
XL2411Z = 144Hz / 295€

Most of the games I own are competitive and not quite demanding on a beefy PC so I am able to reach those +144 fps.
People say it makes a huge difference in games like CS:GO / CS 1.6.

I would go instantly for the XL2411Z but its a lot of money so I am asking you before buying anything if it is worth it.
Another question.. does 1ms make a huge difference compared to 5ms (competitively)?

Pure on stats i would go for the xl2411 i played on a 144Hz once (csgo), it's a noticable positive difference. About the 1 ms vs 5 ms, in theory it should reduce the input lag you get but i don't know if it's noticable.
But i agree €100 difference is much

How competitive are you really? Not to step on your toes, but this gets asked a lot because every gamer is a wanna be pro gamer nowadays, so of course they'll buy really expensive gear and not use it to its fullest (most people who play just lol and csgo have overly expensive graphics cards for no reason).

If I could make it to SMFC rank using a 50ms+ Samsung IPS and own it up in Quake live for years on a Dell U2412m which is 16:10 (less fov in csgo), I would say it really doesn't make a difference unless you really want it to. If you think you're on the level, go ahead, it will definitely help, but for the vast majority I would say it's a waste of money.

A better argument is : do you do 2D desktop work a lot? If yes, 144hz will be a god send. In games you won't notice it much after a while, you just get used to what you have, the limiting factor is always mental (unless you use a really slow IPS like the one I had a few years ago, 16ms advertiesd but over 50ms real lag).

Not quite sure how to describe the competitive level I am at.
I was playing earlier the pirated version of the original Counter-Strike.
In 2014 I heard that CS:GO got released (Back then I did not even know what Steam is so don't you judge me).
After getting my self CS:GO I started improving quite quickly which motivated me, I saw potential in it.
Till today I am highly motivated to play this game competitively, the only issue is to get a team since the CS:GO community is not grown at all.
I'd like to play at LAN's, not talking about those huge ones but playing for a price and meeting up etc.

You were talking about ranks, I can give you the advice to not really care about a rank.
It's supposed to be a motivating thing but it makes just the community worse since people grieff after getting mad because they are 1 match before rank up and you failed a 1v1 or some situation.

When people were playing PUG's at 1.6 there was no price, no ranks etc.
It was all about the win, teams were a lot less toxic.
Guess what! You actually could cooperate with random people!

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I really don't care about ranks. I fucking hate the metagame, I had to quit playing because there were too many hackers at higher ranks competing for a crappy designed logo on their profile and ego. I play cs like I play quake, mostly independent and using unconventional weapons to piss off the competition until they get demoralized and call hax and shut my teammates toxic mouth when I start moping them up with ssg or negev.

I quit recently because everyone plays exactly the same and i'm really just conditioning myself to the enemy's timings instead of learning to play better, the reason I kept playing despite my hatred of skins and the microtransaction business which killed TF2 for me. That's why I consider ssg a better gun than awp, once your aim is on point, you're simply faster than those goofball prefiring same-spot sitting ducks that call themselves awpers. I learned their typical rythm and now it's easy when to dodge when to peek, it's all a matter of knowing the rest of the team's position and having my team stay alive enough so I can keep track of them. I've had games where none of us spoke much but everyone did his thing, I lurked everyone like this and no micspam about buying every round was necesary (btw i noticed many people don't even buy a cheap p250 in a 'full save' which is worse than force buying every dollar).

I would've liked to be matched with people like you with fun in mind and just fool around with different tactics instead of playing by the metagay book that the majority regurgitates from pro teams. (also a reason why I quit starcraft and all the 'competitive' MOBAs). ignorerad ignoremsg and voice_enable 0 spared me of a few nerves. I had the same win ratio with comuncation disabled.

Using the same commands, you shall use cl_mute_enemy_team 1.
Ok I don't want to make this into a chat, not sure if it is allowed. Gonna private message you my steam if you don't mind.

What did you end up buying in the end?
To be honest a 120hz monitor did cross my mind at the time I got my Dell, but my intention was to get a good reading monitor that can also game. I do enjoy working on an old CRT at 150+hz even if it's for a few minutes (to not destroy my eyes completely). Once high frequency low latency IPS pannels come down in price more, I will definitely upgrade.

Going to decide when I get those 195€ if I shall keep saving, but I think I'll take the XL with 144Hz.