Bene's ITX LAN System

Hello Community,

I am 18 years old German Guy who enjoys PC Gaming. I really enjoy Lan Party’s with my Friends

But my Desktop (Lian Li PC V700) was a bit heavy to carry it around, so I decided to build a

Mini ITX PC. 


The Hardware:

i5 3570k 
Asus GTX 670 DCMOC Mini ITX
Cooltek/Jonsbo U2 Case
Evga Z77 Stinger
Seasonic G-Series 450W
Noctua Industrial 120MM PWM
Samsung 120Gb SSD
MDPC-X Sleeve


The Cables are way too long, so I had to short them. 


I could not finish the power supply because I ran out of Sleeve, but I post more Pictures if I can continue. :)




Looks good champ. When shortening cables I think its best not to have joins like you have made (just my opinion). Ive always cut to length and made new heads that go into the plug (24pin, 8pin etc). Im just worried you'll get electrical interference with just sleeving protecting the join thats all.

I agree

Hello Guys, the Update is a little bit late but I finished my built! :)

First some Pictures of the Motherboard and the Card:

Some impressions of the Graphics Card:

And finally: Everything put together:

So, what do you think? For me, I had so much fun building it and in my opinion
It was worth it.

To the shortened cables: I insulated the soldering Spots with shrinking tube before

Even Shamwow guy agrees (preemptively)

Thank you. :)

I have more Pictures of the naked GPU:

The repaste was really worth it. The Temperatures dropped a lot.

Samsung Green RAM, overclockable like a beast: