Benchmarking physx with the gtx 780 + a gts 450

i just got the gigabyte geforce gtx 780. it works GREAT, but just for fun i got a gts 450 from a buddy of mine and i wanted to see if physx turned on high would run better with using the 450 as a dedicated card. so far ive only seen a 2-3 FPS increase. is this because the 450 is a bad card or is it because the 780 is so good.

ive tested this with the batman arkham city benchmark, darkvoid benchmark and fluidmark. there the only things i have to test with and if anyone knows something else i can use please tell me.

ive always used ati/amd cards in the past so i dont know anything about physx so if i sound like i dont know what im talking about its because i dont.  (also why im doing this :)  )


my specs;

cpu amd8320

gpu gtx780 with the gts 450 as a dedicated physx card

8gb ddr3 1600 RAM

gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 motherboard

750 watt thermaltake power supply


heres my results;

batman settings were anti-aliasing; NVIDIA 32X CSAA   DIRECTX 11;MVSS AND HBAO   DIRECTX11 TESSELLATION; HIGH    DETAIL LEVEL; VERY HIGH    MOTION BLUR; NO    PHYSX; HIGH   everything else was either on high or set to yes.

with 450 dedicated physx card

min; 26    max; 88    avg;52

with the 780 alone

min;  13    max;  86    avg;  49


darkvoid settings were at the highest however for some weird reason it wouldnt let me turn the physx setting any higher than low.

with 450 dedicated physx card

min; 68.11    avg.  91.17

with the 780 alone

min;  67.52    avg;  88.72



fluid mark settings  were using the 1080 preset


with the 450 dedicated physx card

score; 3040points, 50FPS(GPU ghysx)

FPS min; 50  max; 51


the 780 alone

score; 3332 points, 55FPS (GPU PhysX)

FPS min;54, max; 57


I ran all these test 3 times and took an average.

it really doesnt seem that haveing a dedicated physx card is necassary in my case but if anyone can give me some advice on some other tools i can use to test it with that would be awesome. also if someone could tell me where to download the metro benchmark, and the borderlands 2 benchmark if they have one that would be cool since i dont own these games yet. if theres any other tests you guys would like me to run just for fun i'll try to just to see what this baby can do!

 my rig