Benchmarking games that dont have built in benchmarks?

not sure what category to shove this in, but id like to benchmark various bits of hardware on Dark Souls 3 when it comes out, id really like to see exactly what has a greater impact on its performance, CPU or GPU. my first thought was just record a big long macro and monitor FPS with something like fraps, but im not sure if thats the optimal way to go about things.

i plan on testing a HD 7970 against an R9 290 with it, and an FX-8350 against an E5-2670.

Usually you just find an intensive part of the game and run through it over and over.

You could also change the games settings in order to see a difference.
For example, Hairworks, Anti-Aliasing (8xMSAA) and stuff like that are GPU taxing. Therefore, when comparing the GPUs set them to high/utlra.

When testing your CPU set them to low. Even though I hardly believe there is something like population density in DS3, that's something you should set to high.

With that being said, with everything set to high/ultra, especially anti-aliasing, ds3 will be more taxing on you GPU than CPU.

im more concerned about actual tools to be honest, i doubt ill have much issue actually taxing the hardware.

Ya I dunno about that, most people just seem to do it manually.

seems like that might produce inconsistent results though, and is fraps really the best tool for recording results?

Does the game have cinematic in engine sequences?
They'll stay the same.

Not too inconsistent, that's why you'd run it through a few times, it'd be more real world anyways.

Not sure about the software side seems to be what everyone uses.