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Benchmarking current pc

Ryzen bench brought out the urge so I thought I would put current pc through its paces...

Thought I would run passmark, its had an update and it now contains a dx12 test as well as a opencl test, both additions show amd in a stronger light I think.

take note of HD score..

that is from a ahci m.2 plugged into pcie x4 3.0... craaaazy speeds, but guessing that an nvme one would trounce mine :D

download, give it a go and add your score here

spec of pc is

4790k @ 4.5
390x 8gb
32gb 2133 ddr3
256gb ahci m.2 plugged into pci-e
500gb main drive 840 evo
2x 3tb storage drives

Definately think that opencl and dx12 being added to more commonly used benchmarking software is going to help raise Amd's profile

edit - also think that the only reason I score so highly (top 1%) is that they do not have a big enough sample size yet with current bench build

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I would say the thing dragging you down is the disk score, everything else is fairly decent

This is my rig I built it best part of five years ago. The GPU has been swapped out last year for a 980 Ti as one of the pair of 7970's died. Extra SSD was added a couple of months ago.

  • Sandy-E 3930K 6 core / 12 thread @ 4GHz.
  • 16G of 2133MHz quad channel RAM.
  • nVidia 980 Ti
  • Windows 7

The old girl is still going strong and fingers crossed she has a few more years in her as money is a bit tight. This was my first Intel build having been a die hard AMD guy for so many years. The Wife is using the Bulldozer FX8150 that tipped me over the edge to get Intel five years ago.

Your 3d benchmark pretty much confirms what I thought

passmark adding in an opencl & dx12 demo have given amd the 'lead'

I think you are right, when I was running the pair of 7970's in crossfire they may have out performed the single 980 Ti I have now. In the real world playing games and such the 980 Ti is a fair bit better. Synthetic benchmarks have their uses but they are not the be all and end all of performance metrics. ASUS had a nice general benchmark, it's been a while since I have looked at it but it does attempts "real world" tests.

my rig did pretty good:


FX 8370 @ 4.8 Ghz
r9 390+ r9 390X
8gb DDR3 1900 Mhz CL9
2x 600 Gb Velociraptors
Windows 10

Here you go the results from the ASUS benchmark

downloading now :D

this is clocked at 4.6ghz

I would have honestly thought your heavy multitasking to beat mine... you know, considering you have MOAR CORES!

My CPU is getting real old now and it's not clocked as high.

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