Believe Microsoft's microcode update bricked my 6850K, cleared CMOS, no POST

Hi all -

Kicking myself as I haven’t been proactively using the “Win 10” Gaming rig. I noticed last week that rear exhaust fan had “died”, and also the wall-paper for the Win 10 login changed, several times. Damn automatic updates.

I then shutdown to see if I needed to replace the fan, and the first boot took me into the Asus UEFI (Sabretooth TUF X99); but it has gotten to a point where it no longer POSTS.

I shorted the CMOS jumper-cap, as per the manual (PSU power off) - same thing. H115i pump lights come on, Dominator Plat lights on, some whirring, nothing on GTX1080 ouput. Then it shuts off.

Asus talks about C.P.R (CPU “Recall”) which is simply shutoff PSU power, reboot. Nada.

Wipe CMOS. Nada.

6850K broadwell-e; my guess, I’m stuck in the microcode reboot loop. My downtime has been prior to this, and chances are it never got rolled back.


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Appreciate any thoughts…

Bios flashback will fix you up


Ha didn’t think of that – thanks, I can flashback UEFI 3801. Cheers mate.

Yay for Asus not posting any new UEFIs with bad-microcode, at least that’s a plus ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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w00t, it’s back. THANKS!!!

Had trouble getting the Dominator Plats to run at 3000 MT/s, which they did for ages. 2,666MT/s is OK for now, at 3.8 GHz (very mild OC).

It’s running again which is the important part.


Wow, sorry to hear that. Glad you got it fixed!


Was scratching my head lol…

Back in the day, you’d have been screwed. I’m so happy flashback is trickling down to the mid-range boards as well now.


Haha yes!!! The Asus “tax” is sometimes worth it :rofl:


They do give you a couple features for the money. It’s definitely rarely used though.

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[sitting on a clustered SQL box not willing to patch]