Behold, the internet

the government is trying to take over the internet again as you can see with the internet defense league pop up.  In other news 4Chan is voting kim jon un as the person of the year for Time magazine, they almost voted dunsparce as the new Super Smash bros. Character and voted a school for the deaf to win a free concert for taylor swift, its no wonder the goverment wants to take control of the internet, it has so damn much power

And then people on 4Chan are like 'WHY DOES PPL HTAE US?!?'.

I hate all cases of 'the very few ruining it for everyone else'.

No matter what though, trying to take control of the internet is stupid and impossible. That would be like trying to control America which the Government obviously can't do otherwise we wouldn't be in debt and obese as all hell. If they can't even control ONE control how in the hell are they expecting to control the internet which consists of everywhere? There will be riots and things will get out of hand.


most of 4chan is pretty tame. it's mostly /b/ that gets crazy

Only good thing to come out of /b/ is the new Serious Love forced meme.

not to mention the takedown of SOPA.



For one to blame the obesity of a people on a government is just not right.