who else listens to these guys?
they are fucking awesome
there satanic but i dont give a shit they are really good.
is it wired that a christian listens to a satanic band? i dont think so.

I've already said what I need to say here in 3 other topics.

can you say it again plz ;)

I'm sure 90% of this forum listens to behemoth.

lol Im still new to metal
I only started listing to metal when i joined the forum I am still exploring metal and seeing what I like and what I do not like.
I bought a few albums already and I think its really worth it.
From all the metal I listend to My favorite would be Death Metal second would be melodic then black metal some deathcore kinda and doom metal

what do you think is behemoths best album?

thanks man ;)

o thats their older stuff

Here and Beyond is handsome, also I really like And The Forests Dreams Eternally, really good albums.

EDIT: BTW Twitch that new 1349 album is great. Thanks

Since you're finally getting into the more extreme side, time for you to listen to some Morbid Angel.

...It's my personal opinion but I think they are the greatest death metal band to ever play on this planet.

+1000 on that.

I have shown him some Morbid Angel on steam a while ago...was showing him the pioneers of Death Metal :P I don't know if he got into them tho.

Lol I've always loved Morbid Angel. They were the first metal band that I listened to when I was like 5.

Hmmmm Morbid Angle is good they have an older sound to them compared to newer stuff i like the last song the most
summoning redemption They sound really really good

I also like a lot of Death (the band)

what else should I listen to? (highly recommended for behemoth fans) (same band)

progressive death metal yummy Augury HOLY SHIT this is really good the vocals blew me away with the opera damn thats really good

profundi was good i dont know if its me but the vocals dont over wight the instruments which was very nice sound to it i liked it

vader I been listing too for some time now I really like them

Arghoslent was all instrumental no vocals a great change but I think I know why you did not link me to on with lycrics HEHEHE

thanks for all this BTW

Lol okay one with Vocals.

some may call it racist but really IMO its not becuase it is the truth and this really happened. It is controversial but its true...
They are a good band Just the lyrics are touchy not that it bothers me at all I really Really like them

Then maybe Aeon?

good band is good I love the vocals

I dont know whats harder to listen to racist lyrics or antichrisitan/god lyrics
I dont care as long as the music is good i am fucking Aeon so far

what about something like whitechapel like a death core sound to it I know to metal heads core is shitty it kinda is i just like the sound of whitechapel

carnifex is also pretty brutal something that sounds similar i guess

...when you really start getting into metal every thing sounds very similar to the untrained ear it all sounds like screaming but it really isnt ;)

pretty brutal the lyrics were good but the vocals I kinda had a love/hate relationship with it
sounds a bit like a pig squealing at times lol great song though

how bout some melodic death like amon amarth