Beginning of skynet, Amazon Echo

I was always faninated by AI. From Turning machine to Siri to Hal 9000. I wished I could go back in time and just follow the people who are pioneering this area.

On another note, do you guys think this Amazon Echo is the next step in ship AI & Hal 9000. Just imagine if they combined a roomba, the nextel/star trek phone button thingy and home automation/anti-theft system.

Too bad we gotta wait for 10-20 years for this to come into fruition, like the google car.

Amazon Echo isn't really different from Cortana/Siri/Google's voice thing (I don't remember what it's called) except that it's been disembodied from the phone. It's a continuation of the so called, 'Internet of Things.'

Its not different than googles or microsofts, the difference is the super creepy video ad that promotes it.

What I would love is an open version of this type of technology that you could (if you wanted) run on your own server so your not relying on proprietary tech to listen and decypher your voice.  I imagine there are things like that out there.