Beginner, help?

Hello, could you guys please help me out, is the a good build? i want to play watch dogs on it. I am going to run windows 8.1 on it. 

this are the parts:

Watchdogs is a CPU intensive game, so I would spend quite a bit more on the CPU.  The motherboard may suffice but maybe splurging a bit more on that too wouldn't hurt.  Gigabyte make fairly priced solid boards.  ASRock can be a bit hit or miss.

In terms of everything else, I think that it is a solid build.  RAM and SSD, both solid.  Case, aesthetically I think it is vulgar and quite ugly, but that is up to you.  A case with a fan switch can also come in real handy.  PSU, just about suffice.  GPU, solid, although their are some competitive AMD R9 cards at a similar price range.  I would also consider ditching the wifi card and pick up some cat 6 cable instead.  It is not only cheaper but superior in terms of reliability and performance.  Every desktop deserves to be hard wired.  I personally would ditch the optical drive or get an external one (as they are around the same price).  Also, if you are feeling ballsy and don't mind Microsoft basically spying on you, you could go straight to Windows 10 by installing the tech preview, and just purchase it when it is officially released.

I highly recommend that you go for an AMD R7 265 instead - it's faster and its price is on par with the GTX 750 Ti. Don't worry about the power requirements, your power supply has two 6+2 pin PCIE power connectors and 38 amps on the +12v rail, which is more than enough for the GPU.

So your budget is around 560?

At that price point, you're a bit limited but can still get a pretty decent rig.

Using german pcpp for pricing.

Thnx guys, tim734 helped me alot!