Begging on Elance any tips and need help on Web programming

Ok well I want to begin on Elance and get some side money for my computer and some other stuff but I don't know where to begin. How should I learn it? With a book or with like a website that teaches you I think I could get a book on like Css and HTML5 and then I could get some extra help with some websites that teach you. If I do that then what websites should I use and are there any good books that explain HTML5 Css and like web layout. I am a begginer so the more basic the better. Then after that where do I start on elance? Should I find someone who needs someone like me then contact them? Then how would I give them the done website? Any help would be great! is a good place. Really just take your time and don't rush anything. It will take a bit to get to the "advanced" stage, really its just they've read more. Complicated things come about when dealing with JavaScript CSS3 and HTML5 with PHP if you haven't used them correctly. I find it easiest to work when you try not to accomplish something hard in one language that another can do really easily.