Before I buy

I wanted to show the specs for my gaming build before I bought them and ask for some feedback on it, any changes or reccomendations are welcome.

I was going to use my tv as a monitor and save some money.

Ditch the ssd and upgrade your motherboard to something better, unless load times are really that important to you. An asus sabretooth 990 fx R2.0 would be a good choice.

Switch that memory out for 16GB of G.SKILL Sniper 1866 CL9 for only $9 more.

I would get a Seasonic G Series 550W PSU, instead. For a single GPU system, that is all you need. If you want to play it safe, get a 650W PSU, but not that one. Get a Seasonic X 650 if you want to be overkill, but in a good way. If you ever plan on getting a second GPU, you should get a 750W PSU, but otherwise, 550-650W is plenty. I have the 850W version of that Corsair, and it is great, but semi-modular, so I am trading it out for a Seasonic X 750.

Don't forget thermal compound - get some Promilatech PK1, which will drop your temps several degrees C, compared to the stuff the 212 Evo comes with.

Aside from that, it looks fine :)

I forgot to mention the motherboard. Like AnArmyPig said, ditch the SSD for now, anc get a better motherboard. Something from Asus, like the Sabertooth, or a better Gigabyte, like the 990fx UD3. I would do it purely for aesthetic, because that blue mobo is hell-a-ugly, but a better 990fx board will overclock much better and could improve stability in some situations.