To Logan, 

I was wondering if I could send you a beer. I am from the west coast want to know if you would like a IPA. My question is have you ever done a beer trade? 

Thank you, 



can beer make an airmail trip? I know that when i tried to get beer from europe it didnt go so well.

You will have to pad them really well; UPS envelops will work. I have never been to a west coast airport but on the east they just throw your bags on the plane. *Cough* *Cough* Philadelphia *Cough* *Cough*

Made 2 attempts at getting Amtel Lager back to the states the bottles exploded both times I wonder if its due to cabin pressure in the luggage compartment?

Logan you should start doing what the Blame Society channel does, not the board game part though. In everyone of their videos they have someone send them some type of beer from somewhere around the world, and as a beer drinker I thought you might think it's cool and try it out. I know there is a hazard with having people sending you things, but i'm sure there is a way for you guys to make it happen safely.