Beelink GTR5 5900HX Mini PC Question

So does anybody have any experience with this device or a similar device from this vendor ?

I’m having random shut downs on the device, be it running apps/games or sitting idle on the Windows 11 desktop.

I even played around with the fan controls to see if this maybe thermally related.

What is happening is that the device will randomly reboot and go into the BIOS screen.

It sure seems to be hardware related but not sure what the cause is.

Will probably try reaching out to their support email for further guidance.

I could not find any later firmware for this device in case it was related to that.

To get the device back online I had to unplug the AC power adapter for a few minutes then it boots back into the OS properly.

Scanning the SSD doesn’t find any errors either.

Side note, just installed Hardware monitor to see what the temps are like.

It shows a current package temp of 39.5 c and a max reading of 53.1 c

None of the cores are showing above 48.8 c

The iGPU is showing a current temp of 36.5 c and a max of 42 c

Seems to be nominal to me.