Bee Syndicate : Buzz 2 - JPtheBeeMan video

hi saw this video tonight from one of my favorite Bee YouTubers JPtheBeeMan called the perfect hive removal. I thought some of you might like to see it. It is a very nice removal of a nice sized hive you get a nice look at the queen and he talks about the orientating pheromone and uses his bee vac then shakes the bees into a nucleus hive. shaking out a box of bees is always a cool thing to see!!


wha wha how are they so gentle? they even just run away from him when he is removing the combs

Honey bees are pretty docile. Temperament does vary from breed to breed and other things like weather will factor into how the bees react. Bees often get a bad wrap from wasps,hornets and yellow jackets. People tend to think that anything black and yellow that flies is a bee. Thats not to say they don't sting they do but you really need to piss them off. I have pet bees before just out in the wild a honey bee on a flower is consumed by her work. With a single finger and slow fluid movement you can often pet the little worker and she will just go about her work and on to the next flower. If you choose to try this I take no responsibility if you get stung again they can and do sting, but most of the time they are very gentle creatures.