Bee Syndicate Bee cam test 1

Bee Cam test running for the first time now and there is a thunder storm check it out !

Lets see how this little webcam likes the rain!


What's all the buzz about?


thunderstorm at the moment but some bees still headed out.

Good thing there i storm... When i tuned in and one of them came out it was so HUGE... And my bug phobia was like "Nope, i'm out"... If there were like 50 of them on the screen i would have been killing my monitor with fire... I can take them one by one...


I saw a bee! I wasnt sure how up-close the camera was positioned for a while there, but then a bird-sized bee flew by. :D


After half an hour watching i can say just one thing...
Their size keeps bugging me...
@imaximus, you are not the only one with the puns :P


I just saw one! It was big and I thought it was a spider at 1st. Scared the beejesus outa me!


Am i crazy, or are they twerking at the cam?
Like, just co out, twerk their big asses and go right back in?

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It's a bee peep show!

Spread the word!

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Likely the are just getting a quick drink

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I know :) Actually i am surprised they even go out in the rain... I was thinking they would stay in and wait the rain out...

Most of them do stay in when it rains but some brave bees still venture out. Others brave the weather. You should see them on a warm sunny day!

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i guess the rain have stopped... They have started moving around...

ustream uses flash realy? - was hoping to see a bee but only see a nightmare =(

Edit: ... an IBM company. I get it.. they are behind a view years... i undsertand now

I am open to suggestions. Please any feedback is welcome.

Check on them tomorrow around 1 pm EDT they should be pretty busy then.

Is that a continuous nonstop stream? My guess is no... I will check them out from time to time.
I am actually curious will the camera be able to capture their storage bags on their legs when they are full...
EDIT: It should be... It's pretty clear picture now that the sun is up... And the size helps...

This is a continuous nonstop stream. It is 100% live. I will leave it up until i make a change or something goes wrong. I hope you can see the full pollen baskets. If the test goes well I will invest in a better camera. The camera is a $2.00 ebay buy from China. I took it apart and filled it full of silicone calking then put it back together in hopes of waterproofing it. Seems to have worked for now.

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You may want to put something over it, because i noticed a drop falling right on the lens, or glass, or whatever...
so you may want to make it a visor or something...
PS: There is a big black thing in the bottom left corner...