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Good extra
Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers: Chapter 45, Page 12
Didn’t realize I had this sitting in my library unread. Pretty interesting retelling of the main story from a different character’s perspective

Lmao Nasa driving a FD
Tonikaku Cawaii: Chapter 161, Page 16

Been really hyped waiting for these plates and bowl set to arrive. I thought a 7 inch diameter would be too small, but it was actually just right. I’m thinking of buying more just because CostCo/Sam’s Club drop suppliers pretty frequently

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Lmao this page
Mairimashita! Iruma-kun: Chapter 228, Page 11
The author’s really good at making me empathetic for Rei in chapters 3-10, which explores his past

Boy I had procrastinated this for a loooonnnnggg time

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Finally made use of these bowls

A teapot makes for a great olive oil holder and dispenser.

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This is really good read. The character dynamics between the two leads is similar to Bunny Girl, but differs in the setting and supporting characters.

Great quote
Vagabond: Chapter 36, Page 7

This was a funny coincidence

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Finally had a free moment to sketch

I had this set as my e-reader shutdown image for a couple weeks


  • I’d say I got pretty close.
  • I was surprised how well the top hand came out. I’ve always struggled with hand proportions.
  • I had the most difficulty getting the proportions to my liking with the lower hand.
    • Initially I didn’t leave enough horizontal canvas space, so I had to shorten the arm
  • The hair, eyes, and face were also difficult, but drawing a circle for her head as a guide made it easier.
    • I initially struggled on the lower face, but I realized that the knuckles and scarf influenced the shape
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I got the @bedhedd handle on twitter

I post mostly art and memes

I installed Youtube music in the hopes that I could use my google play credits to buy music. Unfortunately, this was not the case and it installed as a system application.

Luckily I had this to reference

The slight modification was doing this on linux. Fortunately I found this guide for setting up adb on my Fedora install

how to set it up

  1. download the android sdk platform tools
  2. navigate to the directory cd /platform-tools
  3. run ./adb + command for all adb commands

hiccups I ran into

I tried running

but I got the following error

adb: unknown command pm 

After some searches, I realized I wasn’t in the adb shell, so running

./adb shell

launched the shell and allowed me to run

pm list packages | grep youtube                                  


Which I then ran

pm uninstall -k --user 0



better instructions

  1. setup android usb debugging
  2. navigate to the directory cd /platform-tools
  3. run ./adb + command for all adb commands
  4. pair your android with adb using ./adb devices and click allow on your phone
  5. initialize adb shell ./adb shell
  6. run your pm commands
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Damnnnn we got to learn more about zoro’s past and swords this chapter
What a bombshell of a chapter, we learned so much about the world

This guy looks like if Linus Tech Tips went into motorcycles instead of tech. Channel would probably be called Linus Bike Tips.

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I wanted to draw


I’d say I got pretty close

If I could improve it further, it would have to be shading.

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Good chapter end
A Couple of Cuckoos: Chapter 86, Page 20