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system uptime before fedora update

58 days, 8 hours

We’ll see what the next longest record between Fedora versions.

the upgrade process

The upgrade process to Fedora 34 (from 32) was a real pain in the butt. When I tried upgrading using the software center, I kept getting errors that I didn’t have enough disk space for my packages.

Using the disk analyzer tool from gnome, I realized that my flatpak runtime had multiple old NVIDIA drivers and versions that were eating up space. I decided to delete them using rm -rI PackageName

After deleting old NVIDIA drivers, I still didn’t have enough space. I tried uninstalling some applications I no longer used (Citrix + Wine). Unfortunately that did not resolve the storage issue. I finally decided that only way I was going to upgrade without the software center was to do it from the command line.

It’s been a while since I last upgraded, so I needed to reference the Fedora wiki
Following the instructions appeared to start the upgrade process.

This was quite a write up

This frame made me laugh my ass off.
I think it’s funny because the page preceding this was a very tropey past revalation behind a character change and then suddenly Amano comes out of nowhere with this line.

A Couple of Cuckoos: Chapter 64, Page 16

I like this scene as well from the chapter
A Couple of Cuckoos: Chapter 64, Page 15
Ying Yueru’s words at the end of the chapter are probably true. Given her hints with the heavens divination technique, it most likely will occur. The most unique and interesting aspect is watching how Nie Li changes the fates of people around him.
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: Chapter 7, Page 6

Is that a jojo reference? Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: Chapter 12.5, Page 11

Professor is officially my favorite character
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: Chapter 12.5, Page 13

I like this last frame
Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It: Chapter 12.5, Page 26

This one too

Bought pbt transparent keycaps from Drop for a 65% keyboard I had bought from a friend for $100 he threw in the case, pcb, qmk_firmware, and showed me how to swap off the blue switches for brown switches.

Here’s the links if you want to get your own as well


$35 + $5 shipping




neat just got the youtube clips feature
on videos less than 5 minutes
A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special, does a fantastic job at introducing characters pivotal to the Arc. I think the combination of Desir’s recollection, respect, and the author’s method of describing their power level (either in combat or comparisons to other strong characters) all highlight their importance.

Bonus points to people who recognize the character and series this is from

Also side by side

The mistake I made was using a overhead light, which washed out the shading. In my infinite wisdom I decided to go back and use permanent marker to color in the extra. I ended up going with the first one since the permanent markers didn’t turn out as well

Having learned my lesson messing around with my root directory from here

I decided to follow the red hat instructions for clearing space out

apparently my docker install had consumed 13 GB

docker system prune -a

Total reclaimed space: 13.6GB

The system journals had consumed 3.8 G

journalctl --vacuum-size=100M 

Vacuuming done, freed 3.8G of archived journals from /var/log/journal/
These 30-40 page chapters have been really good. I understand why people enjoy this series.
The plot is unique compared to other coming of age slice of life series, and each character has fleshed out motivations (if Mimimi’s arc is a preview/indication of how the author plans on developing the supporting cast).

Finished the set

I decided to try the wood wrist wrest since I already have a foam fabric cover(which is pretty dirty). I borrowed a Type C to A adapter from my brother.
In it’s natural position

Found this (Nidome no Yuusha wa Fukushuu no Michi wo Warai Ayumu) while looking for
The description was interesting so I gave it a read
dear lord who at mozilla decided proton tabs would be a good idea

proton disabled

this looks better than this

proton enabled

this space in between tabs takes up too much space and will reduce tab visibility as you open more tabs. I don’t like it because it seems that Mozilla is just changing it just to change it rather for any accessibility improvements.

There’s also this
The fact that they push new stuff and don’t give a option to change is what bugs me the most

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make proton tabs tabs again, basically:

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Picked up a usb c dongle since the cable I bought was a tight fit to plug it into my ipad. I wasn’t sure if the dongle was gonna plug in, so I bought some extenders just in case

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Neat, if next update makes it stupid, I will look into that

Bonus content the tweet missed

What I didn’t mention in the tweet was that I also messed around with lighting and camera angle. I learned that if you place the light directly on the image, it will wash out the shading as seen here

I originally had a second light directly on top of the sketch since when I was taking the scan, my shadow or the iPad’s shadow would show up. However, in solving the shadow issue, I introduced the issue with washing out the shading. I learned that if I had the image standing up, facing the camera, I could avoid the shadow and washout issues.

The next thing to work on is separating the neck from the head.

I’ll hereby make another adjustment

Last page

Another challenger approaches the stage!!!

I also like how the author set this chapter up. Maybe I am overanalyzing, but the author demonstrated the character growth from Ai and Nagi by juxtaposing past experiences.

How the two characters grew.

Nagi, spoilers for this chapter

In the last chapters the author had Nagi’s biological father commend his personal development, as well as Ai’s comment when she first met him


Ai’s growth is demonstrated by the candy shop flashback.
In the past, we saw her disappointed and crying when her coveted super jawbreaker was won before her.
This time she’s standing up and declaring her intentions.
Has isekai shifted from death by a truck to death by over working? Rather has death by overworking been introduced at the same time or before death by truck? Is it possible death by truck overtaken death by overworking in popularity? in the last 7 series I have read, all have main characters who reincarnated after dying of overworking.