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chapter 311 of tales of demons and gods explores Nie Li’s past. I have a feeling the author is going reveal Xiao Yu’s secret he is a female that or he has a sister
There were hints when Xiao Yu was embarrassed about his clothes ripped in the ancient ruins arc

Youtube’s clips features seems to be recommending shorter videos again.

so I have gotten some great recommendations

The style is reminiscent of animation on youtube/newgrounds before story time animations blew up. The videos by these two channels have made me laugh a lot

Woah this is pretty cool

There’s Canadian Geese that hangout near me. I caught a interesting moment

Bonus points to people who recognize the character and series this is from

I decided to do some research for how to replace the spark. If my brother didn’t need the car asap, I would have wanted to learn how to fix it.

These were some handy videos I found when I was looking for guides.
Firing order

Reaching back coils

Another method of reaching behind

I’ve been reading a lot of world trigger recently.

I gave World Trigger a read after seeing it covered by OniMaru. The video’s reason to give it a shot, character discussion, and power scaling were factors that interested me, the premise is what got me hooked

The more I read, the more I like Jin as a character. If I were to describe his personality and power, he’s what you’d get if you mash Ace from One Piece and Itachi from Naruto together

These were some cool pages jin I wanna try sketching in the future

I’ve been looking to get some new speakers to complete my setup, after seeing deals on this set,

I recieved it as a gift.

A lot of people sleep on sub woofers. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on my old Logitech speakers until I reached base solos and the rumble of base drums.

I decided to plug my speakers into my ups (pass through outlets). Previously my old Logitech speakers were picking up radio waves when I had it set at a low volume, I remember reading on a forum that outlets can be sources of radio waves. I also read that subs are best placed on the floor

Currently I have set the speaker volume a little over 20% of the max and have the sub woofer above 50%, any louder and I’m pretty sure my neighbors would hear it and complain.

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TIL Discord has a ammoled feature for android

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Got this video as a recommendation

It made a compelling reason to get me to read the manga.

If you like the realism and weigh of consequences from Goblin Slayer, you’ll like this

Yo this is a interesting series!

Found it in the recently added section. If you like supernatural/yokai and Ga-Rei’s premise, you’ll like this series

Also picked up

If Ice Guy Cool Female Colleague and Dr. Stone met being a grad student in stats/information science

Listened to this on my speakers. I’m surprised the composers managed to make this work well on the Super Nintendo’s limited audio hardware.

It is quite the banger, and could probably pass for an adult swim bump
This isekai was more interesting than I expected. The protagonist has all the skills no one else picked. I like the progression of the protagonist and story arc more than Arifureta. The pacing seems to be just right.
Interesting read, the premise of the story and transmigrated person is unique from other isekai series. Shiori’s past is told by other characters instead of following the protagonist from the start.

Saw this on tachi discord

Looked it up on youtube and found these two videos
Full version

Which turns out was inspired by this

Which links to the source animation

【遊☆戯☆王DM】王様たちがOVER☆LAP踊るんDA!【手描き+トレス】 - ニコニコ動画

saw this interesting website mentioned by mental outlaw