Bed Monitor Mount

Hey everybody,

So I want to start this off mentioning that I'm a student and I live at College/University so that is why this is applicable. I want to be able to mount one of my 21" 1080p monitors to my bed, so that I can hook it up to my laptop and have two monitors when I'm sitting in bed. Yes I have a desk and yes that desk has my workstation on it along with some monitors, but I am wondering if this is possible. I think it would be pretty cool if I could have something like this!

Any feedback is appreciated!! Thanks!

  • Zachary

TD;DR I want a monitor mount of my college bed so I can have two monitors when I'm doing work from my bed.

Depending on how your bed frame/headboard/footer are set up, you might be able to use a standard pressure mount monitor arm like this:

If you don't have a horizontal piece to attach it to, you could attach a block of wood for the arm to mount on. Either just screw it on to the bed, or use a couple c clamps or something. You could also attach it to a dresser or other piece of furniture near the bed. If it's a bunk bed (and you're on the bottom), you could just get a vesa wall mount like this:

and attach it to a support. Or if you have a wall near by, you could attach the mount to the wall.

That second one is PERFECT. Thank you so much, that's going to work perfectly!

No sweat. Glad to help.