Becoming a Vigilante (Hacker)

So I have been giving this a lot of thought... And have been wanting to become a vigilante hacker. (Kind of like Elliot in Mr. robot beside all of the big E-Corp/Fsociety hacks) I have in the past done a lot of "white-hat" things. I want to start doing some "gray-hat" stuff like helping with Anonymous' OpIsis and things like this. I have been in the technology and security field for many years so moving into this "field of studies" would not be that much of a change.

I was wondering what the Tek syndicate community thought about this.

We obviously are all in agreement that breaking the law would be bad and a terrible thing to do.

Also, your now on a list somewhere. Congrats.


well, to be fair, we're all probably on a lot of secret lists. You're probably on a list if your place of residence ever connects to a VPN. Or if you use encryption for anything personal. I think there is a program that ranks your likelihood of being a terrorist and whenever you shut off your phone it interprets it as an attempt at avoiding surveillance...

Id love a little badge collecting thing for the lists people are on. Many of us here will be on various lists.


as for OP, i doubt your claims. But in the event its accurate, do what your conscious tells you, so long as it doesn't contradict mutual love and respect for all human beings and the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr.

puts on tinfoil hat


So make money from people who hire you, and then if shit hits the fan you're the scapegoat...


I might have worded this incorrectly. I'm not doing this for personal or financial gain. What I want to do is just dox the hell out of bad people and then do anonymous tips to the authority.

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But what if these human beings are monsters that have beheaded innocent people...

I think they have it coming for them.

In some cases the law is not what is right or wronge per-se. I look at the law kind of like "ok, so when doing x just cover my tracks"

And I don't really care about watch lists

The only way to differentiate between the monsters and decent people are by seeing who does and doesn't try to treat every human being with respect and love. Every person justifies their actions at least to themselves. Every horrible thing anyone has ever done, they have been able to rationalize and justify. Anyone can rationalize any horrible action against any person or group of people. You rationalizing a hateful attitude or violent actions, makes you one of them. "I think they have it coming for them" sounds like something straight out of Trump's mouth.


Look all I want to do is bring justice to those terrible people. alot of people said Osama bin laden had it coming, and I'm not ping to kill anyone I just want to help render their online recruiting useless. If they never did any of this I wouldn't care one bit. I don't care about race, gender , etc. I have friends of all ethnities.

The difference of me and trump is I'm not punishing the whole class for one student that acts out.

Welcome to the list @greenbeen2



so many horrible things have been done in the name of Justice. Making online recruiting less useful does not sound inherently hateful, violent, or lacking the basic level of respect every human deserves. With that said, I don't necessarily condone it, don't know the specifics and don't want to know the specifics. Just follow my simple guideline, once you cross that line, you are no longer a moral individual. Only having to be better than Trump is setting the bar far too low.

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Touché :-)

Are you sure? Your actions might cause such.

There's a lot of people here, from security, pentesters, hackers, to artists and writers. You wont find any of us advocating that type of act or telling you how. Not openly anyway.

Anoymous arent gray hat. Just fyi.

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To add to this, anyone who is actively hacking for a vigilante cause is doing it on their own behalf and not because they asked a forum and they think they should.

IMHO this thread is pointless.


But it can have some reasonable discussion, hence why i've not closed it, unless it crosses that line from discussion to actively promoting or howto.

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wendells list of friends!