Become a Digital Mercenary Part 4: Securing Contracts with Special Guest Ben | Level One Techs

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This old man is so pleasant to listen to.

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Enjoyed the video, it shed some light on something I rarely thought about. What to do when they do not want to pay

You hire this guy and SUE their ass.

ah… the adult world. :slight_smile: Contracts

So… I got some work coming up working on some software I wrote at my last job, sort of like freelancing, but I know the customer and the product.

What should I charge, rate wise? What are going rates for custom software doing a particular thing that turns out to be pretty important in daily life?
Could they get someone else to do this instead? probably, but they haven’t so far. And they are getting short on time.

Given I still have a regular job, this will not a primary source of income, but don’t want to be short changed either.
Unsure if a retainer will be required to secure my services either. I guess in my case, it depends how much of my personal time I am willing to invest in it and how much they annoy me or try and screw me over.

Disclaimer no experience in this but from watching the video you should go the licensing route.

For new products yes, but existing products are not my IP, so I can’t really license them. Just get paid to work on them, fix bugs, add new features. That kind of thing.

Oh I thought you owned the product. Well if so maybe an initial payment to get them setup using it and then go from there

They are already using the program, it just has a few minor issues on different versions of Windows, and there is scope to add some additional stuff to it. Sorry I probably didn’t explain myself properly lol. Since I made it when working for them, the IP belongs to them. Which is fair enough, that isn’t an issue.

I mainly want to get a feel for what people charge for this sort of work, what is a fair rate.

Licensing stuff, that may follow. Whole new kettle of fish.

Ummm lookup local rates for software developer to get an idea?

This place aint exactly San Jose, not cardboard boxes of dosed up out of work programmers everywhere.

Great video, I like this guys pre smiling before stating the twist side from things :slight_smile: