Beats Studio for $120?

I need some headphones, and I saw a deal on Beats Studio for $120. I know Beats are painfully overpriced, but  is this a good deal? Or am I better off looking at different headphones in this price range?

Look at some others.

One there Most definetley FAKE and two get the Phillips citiscape uptown online at amazon for like 100 or so they are one of the best headphones out right now

Look for some equivalently priced Sony headphones from bestbuy, that way you know they're real and you can even get the chance to hear them first. Beats are horrible for everything not rap related.Sony are usually very good for everything that doesn't expect a single oversized driver to do really high notes.

no get these they sound better than beats

Skullcandy Hesh 2's for $52.99 USD. Ive used them plenty, and with the skullcandy supreme sound, they sound amazing.