Beats or sennheiser

I have been going back and fourth with both of these brands. Ibe already tried out the studios from beats ( corded ) and Im getting the sennheiser urbanite XL for Christmas. I wanna know which one is more comfortable, stylish, and has the best frequency range. I could care less about their prices. 

LOL. I think we will all just pretend you didn't ask about "Beats" headphones in this forum.

Basically if Beats is an option then you are not shopping for the right headphones. I have $50 headphones that sound better, and are built better than Beats.
Don't pay for the gimmick of Beats. Not even same playing field as Sennheiser.
Watch Logan's most recent video on headsets under $50. GREAT options there. 

You shouldn't even have to ask this question... Sennheiser

Yeah... never Beats. Overpriced in the extreme, and not even that good.

**** buy beats they're not overpriced and shit !

**** beats suck I have never ever heard anyone that likes sounds say they're any good.


Don't tell them to buy them and that they're not overpriced; they might take you seriously. :P 

yeah and they have "great quality audio" as well T__T



If you're looking at style and don't care about price check out the V-MODA Crossfade M-100s; they have customizable shields for each side that can be laser engraved with any logo or graphic you want.It doesn't get much prettier than that imo. You can get much better audio quality out of a pair of cans though. I have 250 ohm DT 770 pros; I wear them in public and I don't get weird looks or anything they're just big.



Oh wow. Never knew u guys liked sennheiser, well my mind is made up. Sennheisers are the way to go. BUT the V-MODA's are pretty badass.

There is a lot more available than just Sennheiser, Betas, V-moda, and Bose. I urge you to do some research on your own to see what is available in your price range. I am just going to sit here and keep recommending the HP100 as the best all-around set of cans under $200.

They look really good and comfortable but I like the buttin thing on the cord for idevices. The urbanite XL is my top choice right now, I lIke headphones that are over ear and at also noise canceling. 

Just so you know, audiophiles really don't like active noise cancelling in general since it affects audio quality. That means that basically no headphones aimed at the audio enthusiast crowd will have active noise cancelling. It also adds to the cost as the active noise canceling technology needs to be bought and implemented. If you want them though, that is a fine option, but I won't really be able to help you out there.

A decent over-ear, closed back headphone should have enough noise reduction in itself that noise cancelling isn't an issue. I DJ with Pioneer DH1200 headphones and even playing venues with good sound systems and a stage monitor, I have no issues with sound isolation when I have them on.