Beat headphones for on the go use for around 100$

Hey tek syndicate, today I noticed a large crack developing in my headphones and was looking for a new pair for around 100 dollars. Any suggestions?

Sennheiser's momentum on ears have been great for me.

Sounds good, I'll check them out and see if u like them

I should probably add what they sound like. Typical sennheiser clearness with a bit more bass, but not so imposing it hurts the music more than it gives.

They probably will have to much clamping force after extended sessions for about a week.

The Momentum are a great choice, however they are over budget. Also, Sennheiser's house sound is not clear, it is laid back at veiled (it is commonly referred to as the Sennheiser veil). Honestly, under $100, there aren't many options for on the go headphones. I would suggest looking at iems instead. Look into headphone list. They have a great and interactive website iirc.