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Why do you think most of tech guys have beards? Could there be any science behind it?

no time to shave

Beards are generally just awesome. Plus most guys look better with facial hair. Plus I'm lazy as hell and don't feel like shaving. Plus razor blades are expensive. 

In short, beards are awesome. 


Less pressure from corporate to look like the Roman ideal of beauty.

Beards are awesome and my wife hates it. Speaking of lazy and razors, I dont like going to barber shops and get shaved, I always think of the mafia movies where some1 slits somebody's throat on the shop.



Look up a band called 'The Beards' on YouTube. Their songs 'If your dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two mums' and 'You should consider having sex with a bearded man' are all time classics.

Most "tech guys" have beards because A: They're awesome and B: They are allowed to have them. They work behind the scenes, they don't see many customers, they don't have to represent their company, etc. If you work in retail or in any job where you have to interact with customers your employer will probably tell you to shave it off. You can't look like a hobo because this could ruin your companies image. That's why you see many men with long hair in tech jobs as well.

Source: I had to cut 70+ cm of my beautiful hair and 30+ cm of beard when I started working as a bank clerk. Worst. Decision. Ever.

I just watched the tek today and there is an AGENT BEARD!!!!! Haven't watch the tek for a while.