Beard growing tips

Hello Logan and Wendell,

Just wondering if Logan has any tips for growing a healthy and happy beard like yours? I have tried multiple times to replicate Logan's beard but with miserable results. Are there any drugs I could take or something I could to increase my beard growing capabilities?

Thanks Tek Syndicate, keep up the great work

Hate to break it to you but it's all genetics. No miracle drugs can produce beards. Just like how male pattern baldness is still a problem. Depending on your age just give it time. Not all beards mature at the same age. I was in 5th grade when I started shaving and had a full beard as a freshman in highschool.

Each person is different so just have some patcience. But keep in mind that not all people can grow certain styles of facial hair.

The more you grow it and shave it off, the faster it will develop. As for drugs, Nourkrin is supposed to promote hair growth. But, at a glance it is probably not best suited to your needs. It's gonna take time, unfortunately.

Well you need to gather beard gnomes and have them farm the hair on your face until you have a full healthy beard. That's the true secret to growing a beard......


Sorry Berserker, it's an 'Old Wive's Tale'. 

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Mix together sugar and water into a paste, then apply it to your face and let it set over night while you sleep. It's like an energy drink for your face and the hair will grow much faster. 

Maybe my mother only said that to me so that I would shave!


Should I suffocate her with a pillow, that I may be free to be bearded?

The only thing that's an energy drink for is bacteria... Do follow these steps and post some before and after of your complexion? :P

Stop shaving.

Make sure to watch anything that Nick Offerman has ever done as the first step.  Then, try and teach yourself how to widdle and build things yourself.  Finally, you're going to want to get some suspenders and plaid and go off into the woods and make yourself a clearing.  This step can coincide with the second step as you may need a way to obtain raw materials for your building projects.

If you feel that at the end of the day you need a bit of a relaxer, dark beer and/or scotch.  Good Luck, sir!

Shaving your beard is not going to help it grow any faster, no, but from what I've read and been informed of from all kinds of people (doctors, science guys, elderly etc.) the beard does lose hardness after the absolute first shave. After the first shave, you will forever have a nice and soft beard. But I doubt it's true aswell since most of these things are just bullocks.
Have read also that, apparently, schampoo can damage your health cause they nowadays contain nanoparticles which apparently goes through your skin much further than expected and just screws up your system.

How to kill a moustache. Sort of relevant.

aha, didn't expect this to get any replies xD

Aquire beard Slap

Have genetics. Body hair does not run at all in the men in my family so I'll never grow a bear.

I am also unable to grow a "bear." Though I assume it might be a painful process. Great party trick though. 

I know what you meant to say but I had to have a little fun.

No I meant bear. I would love to grow a bear on my face.

Arm bearing beer gaming beard slapping bear?

I beg to differ... Couldn't grow facial hair worth shit. Then I started shaving it every time it seemed to slow down and it started comming in less patchy every time.

Sir, you are a cat!