Be Quiet Shadow Wings SW1 or Noctua NF-F12?

Which of these fans would be the best? I'm thinking about buying one for exhaust fan , one on my Zalman CNPS10X cpu fan , Which is the quietest and has good air flow?

I have not used the BladeMaster, but the Noctua fans are incredible. The color is not always the best, but I have to say they are the best fans that I have ever used. And very quiet as well.

Yeah I can vouch for the NF-F12 they are quiet and move alot of air and as far as I am concerned they are the best fans you can get. don't quote me on that though.

The Be Quiet Shadow Wings look good and have some good reviews , They are £4 cheaper than the Noctua so I'm not sure . I just want the quietest and best performing , I dont care about looks , I was initially going to get the Noctua fans but I'm not sure , Alot of reviews say that the NF-F12S aren't worth it for a case fan and thats where I need most as the fan that came with my case makes a loud 'humming' noise.

I might just get the Be Quiet Shadow Wings PWN fan then get a blue led fan for the cpu along with led strips so my case looks Balling xD

You can always go for the noiseblockers...many watercooling enthusiasts swear up and down that they're amazing.  Another one i would check is the Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition, you get i think the most pressure out of any "Quiet" fan i've seen for the price...especially the duo packs...if you're feeling push/pull config.

for case fans I like corsair AF120's, they are designed to move more air then SP series fans and are more optimized for case fans.

Would the CoolerMaster JetFlo's be good on a cpu heatsink? I think I'm going to get a Be Quiet Shadow Wings exhaust fan , then a blue led fan for the cpu heatsink. Would this work well?

thats true but when you have fan filters and metal bracket that they have to go through the AF isn't as good as it sounds...if there's no filter it has to pass through then yes it should be better a bit better

i hear good things about the what you like man most of the fans at the end change just 1*c or it's not that big of a deal.

To be honest , I just want a quiet fan that has a blue LED :p The JetFlo's are only £10 so I think I'm going to get them.